About Us

Qingdao Seaflying Food Co.,Ltd (Seaflying International Co.,Limited) is located in China famous seafood processing base-Qingdao.We’re engaged in the importing and exporting of seafood for 15 years,and establish a set of quality control system and service system.
We mainly export:
(1) Frozen/Salted seafood:
Tilapia fillet, Pollock fillet, Cod fillet, Salmon fillet, Squid Products, Scallop, Mussel meat etc;
(2) Dried/Smoked seafood:
Dried Shredded Squid,Smoked Squid rings,Dried Blue whiting sliced skin on/off,Dried Blue whiting block,Dried Yellow stripe fish,Dried Anchovy fish, Dried halfbeak fish,Dried Squid stretched piece etc.
(3) Surimi seafood:
Imitation Crab sticks/claws,Imitation Shrimp,Imitation Lobster tails , Fish Finger etc;
We mainly import:
Alaska Pollock,Salmon, boiled Giant squid fillet ,boiled Giant squid wings, Blue whiting etc.
Due to the collective effort of all our staffs and all our friends,we have been exporting our products to the USA, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, the EU, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia etc.
All our staffs sincerely welcome your negotiation,hope we can develop the business cooperation,and create a new future.